Customs declaration for cross-border flights
(Aerodrome Sitterdorf)

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Foreign airport (state): * = Non-Schengen state
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The pilot undertakes to comply with the customs and police regulations below and to inform the crew and passengers of these regulations. In addition, each passenger is personally re-sponsible for his or her compliance with the regulations.
This customs procedure is only applicable to Intra-Schengen flights!
Customs regulations
Imports: Only goods that do not exceed the allowances granted in respect of quantity and value and that are not subject to any other restrictions may be imported. For details of the regulations, see

Exports: Only tourist traffic goods may be carried provided they are not subject to any restrictions and that they are not the subject matter of a claim for a tax exemption in respect of their export.

Other goods may only be imported or exported via customs airports. Anyone who fails to comply with these regulations is liable to prosecution for violation of the customs regulations. Customs inspections are carried out without prior questioning.

Police regulations
The pilot, members of the crew and passengers must carry valid travel documents. Persons who re-quire a visa must enter and leave the country at a customs airport.
Name, forename, address
Date of birth
Identity document (No°)
Name, forename, address
Date of birth
Identity document (No°)
For customs purpose, data about pilots and passengers is transferred to the competent Authority for border control. Records will be kept during five years. The electronic data transmission is not secured with any particular means.

By validating the data transmission, the pilot accepts the conditions described in the declaration and confirms that he has got the approval from all passengers.